Mission Statement

Gateway to Graduation Academy


Mission Statement


The mission of Gateway to Graduation Academy is to provide every student with the academic skills and confidence in a nurturing environment to become graduates and life long learners in an ever-changing society.




To provide an environment that allows students to experience success through an alternative curriculum so that each student can become a productive citizen.


About Gateway to Graduation

The Gateway to Graduation Academy is dedicated to addressing the academic, social, and personal aspects of an individual seeking a diploma and furthering their education. The program was implemented during the 2009-2010 school year and provides students with opportunities with online credit recovery, night classes and student incentives leading to a diploma and furthering their education in a college or career.


The program enhances the district’s dropout recovery efforts and assists in preventing future dropouts. The Gateway to Graduation Academy is an alternative campus designed to place students on a fast track toward graduation with their peers or accelerate their learning.  The goal of the program is to not only provide the necessary lessons and requirements that the students need, but also to provide them with guidance as they set their sights towards a brighter future. Besides providing counseling services, school officials also provide tours to local universities to those students that are in good academic standing.